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— Publisher’s Note —

I feel the need, the need for SPEED!

This month I was able to fuel my desire for speed when I got to hang out with the Koenigsegg, the fastest factory car on the planet. The “Top Gun” movie remake with Tom Cruise called “Top Gun: Maverick” is coming out in 2020. In a nod to the classic film where a young Tom Cruise expressed his own need for speed, I’m wearing the iconic Cockpit USA vintage jacket that starred alongside the actor. Crafted from specially prepared vegetable tanned goatskin, the cockpit jacket is hand cut, sewn and aged to perfection.

— EQ’s Cover Shoot—

Beauty and the Beast

Koenigsegg guards this Hamptons Hideaway

It’s a world premier in the U.S.—EQ’s cover shoot with the Koenigsegg Jesko and current world speed record holder Aegera RS in front of 119 Newlight Lane in Bridgehampton. The 8,500 sq. ft., seven-bedroom home is listed for $8.95 million by James Peyton of Corcoran. Watch our slideshow for a sneak preview from the Art Basel issue cover shoot. The latest megacar from Sweden’s most renowned luxury car maker has a 5.0 liter twin-turbo engine producing 1280 hp on standard gasoline and 1600 hp on E85 biofuel. The revolutionary new 9-speed Koenigsegg Light Speed Transmission (LST) is expected to break the current speed record of 277.9 MPH.

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— Development —

Focal Point

How Zaha Hadid’s final project has been brought to life in Miami

Rarely does a single tower transform a cityscape and supercharge the complete vibe of an area but that’s what is happening on Miami’s Biscayne Boulevard where the late Zaha Hadid’s final U.S. residential tower, One Thousand Museum Residences, has become an instant icon…

— Wheels —

Electric Car Wars

The new Porsche Taycan sets the benchmark for the sports sector

Move over, Tesla. The battle for electric car supremacy just got serious. Porsche, the luxury sports car company with 191 dealerships all over the U.S., has unveiled its own electric sports car—and first impressions are sensational…

— EQ’s Property Pick—

415 Greenwich Street, Tribeca

$20,000,000 duplex penthouse listed by Danny Davis of Corcoran

Experience seamless indoor-outdoor living and stunning designer details in this meticulously—three-year—gut-renovated penthouse duplex featuring 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and nearly 2,200 square feet of outdoor space in one of Tribeca’s best condominiums…

— Gossip —

Word on the Street

WeWork (or The We Company as it’s officially called) wasn’t able to convince investors that it was worth plowing more money into its operation. Is it actually a tech company after all? With all the drama surrounding it, Adam Neumann was ousted as CEO and now there are rumblings that Japan’s Softbank Group is looking to take control…

— Real Estate Law —

Housing Stability and Rent Act of 2019

How the new rent laws will slam NYC’s housing market

On June 14, 2019 the NYS legislature, not truly understanding the ramifications, passed onerous amendments to the Emergency Tenant Protection Act, the Rent Stabilization Law, the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law, the Real Property Law and the General Obligations Law. The stated intent was to protect tenants. The result is yet to be determined although it is clear that the unstated intent was to injure property owners…

Yachting Capital of the World

Browse through the latest Azimut and Benetti yachts at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show below.

Azimut 25
Azimut 45
Benetti Fast 125' Yacht
Azimut 72
Azimut M66
Azimut 30
Benetti Louis
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— Money Talks —

Repo Market Blowing Up!

Repos, Fed Funds, and the Federal Reserve gone wild

Last month the repo market, where banks borrow from each other and are supposed to pay interest on their overnight loans based on the fed funds rate set by the Federal Reserve, kind of, sort of, blew up. Despite the fed funds rate, actually it’s now a “band,” having just been lowered by the Fed to 1.75%-2.00% some banks had to pay as much as 9% to borrow overnight in the fed funds market…

— Where to Live —

Peerless, Peaceful Plandome

The community on Manhasset Bay boasts stately domiciles and lushly landscaped lawns

If you were to imagine a slice of Americana right out of a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover, it would likely look a lot like Plandome, N.Y. And not just because of the hamlet’s pastoral beauty, but also because of its eclectic cross-section of residents, its charming shops and cafes, the warmth of its townfolk and richness of its family traditions…

— Fashion —

Must-Have Boots for Fall

These are the season’s quintessential styles

Fall’s here, which means it’s time to find the boots that were made for walking. We have already said goodbye to summer and hung up the pool slides, but now we get to be decked out in our fall fashions. There’s nothing that says fall more than the quintessential pair of boots. So, what are we wearing this season?

— Film —


The 2019 line-up included more than 150 films across the East End

Even with Summer behind us, the Hamptons’ cultural offerings are far from over. Having just run its 27th edition, the Hamptons International Film Festival has been a major platform to showcase movies that would become box-office and award-circle darlings…

— Art —

Artist to Watch

A conversation with Nathaniel Mary Quinn

Art collector and advisor Gardy St Fleur, long-term friend and early supporter, sat down with Nathanial Mary Quinn ahead of his exhibition at Gagosian’s Beverly Hills gallery where Gagosian is presenting “Hollow and Cut, new painting and works on paper by Nathanial Mary Quinn” through October 19th. Quinn’s composite portraits probe the relationship between perception and memory. Instead of depicting physical likeness, he illuminates subconscious aspects of the human psyche. St Fleur and Quinn talk about art and Quinn’s approach to his work…

— Drink —

From Garden to Glass

Adam Von Gootkin’s Highclere Gin is Distilled for the Discerning — and Downton Abbey Fans

There have likely been many to make the lofty (or dubious) claim that whiskey runs through their veins, but the biological impossibility seems somehow plausible in the case of Adam von Gootkin. His ancestors ran Chafee & Co. Distilling until the distillery was shut down for tax evasion on a Canada-bound shipment of whiskey. During prohibition…

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