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The Czinger 21C Hypercar, the New SR-71 Spy Plane

Innovative California hyper-car manufacturer’s new 3-D print

When the Los Angeles-based automotive company Czinger needed inspiration for the exterior aesthetics of its new 21C hyper car, the sky was the limit—quite literally. The design team there looked to the legendary SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, the fastest manned aircraft ever built, for inspiration. Matching that innovative plane to the Czinger 21C wasn’t exactly a reach. One could make a strong argument that the car is as revolutionary among its peers as the Blackbird was among its own.

Everything about the Czinger 21C is futuristic. The car’s design is done by artificial intelligence, its parts are 3-D printed, and it is assembled by robots. That last part means there are no assembly lines involved with the production process. Let all that sink in. This car would have made George Jetson faint.

The 3-D printing process also means that there are no wasted materials in this car’s build process. All parts are printed to an exact fit, and if by some chance there is excess material, Czinger has the technology to atomize it and reprint it. The dematerialization in the production of this car has ecologically conscious exotic car lovers talking. But it’s not the only carbon conscious feature about this model. The 21C can run completely on eFuel, which also sets her apart from the competition.

Another way this car will be set apart from its competition is by simply outrunning them. With the speedometer pinned, the 21C can scream along the asphalt at a 253 mile per hour clip—comparable to that of a Bugatti Veyron. Zero to 60 occurs in an equally sizzling 1.9 seconds.

The car’s power comes from an in-house designed, gas-electric hybrid, twin turbo V8, that, when paired with the car’s lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium body, makes for a ride that tallies among the most exhilarating on four wheels. Two people will get to enjoy the car’s performance at a time, with a passenger seat stacked directly behind the driver.

Only 80 Czinger 21Cs are scheduled to be built. They will be sold by a select worldwide dealership network that the company is still in the process of expanding. The model will retail at right around the $2 million mark, with deliveries set for 2023—or just a little while away, in the future.

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