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The Pridwin Hotel’s Enduring Legacy

East End elegance and its bright future

Since 1913, a storied history has unraveled at one of the Hampton’s finest stays. Originally owned and operated by the Petry family for over sixty years – during which time the family ran the hotel and hosted annual fire department dinners – the Pridwin has been a long-established keystone in the island’s close-knit community. For nearly the past century, the property’s dedicated visitors have continuously returned to enjoy The Pridwin’s gentle bay breezes, beachside vistas, and guaranteed grandeur.

Fast forward to recent times, when the Petry family decided to take on a hotelier partner. Just last year, Cape Resorts welcomed the Pridwin Hotel into its prestigious property portfolio. As such, the Pridwin guarantees guests a stay at a classic American property complimented by high-quality amenities, excellent service, and historic charm.

Cape Resorts Managing Partner, Curtis Bashaw, spoke with EQ regarding why the Pridwin chose to work with Cape Resorts, “The Petry Family have run the Pridwin Hotel for five decades and both our families share a similar vision and values and have worked together to create a Pridwin Hotel for the next generation.”

Over the course of a two-year restoration, with the expertise of Cape Partners, the hotel has now transformed. “Over time, many historic vacation spots on Shelter Island and across the US have been sold, renovated, and even torn down, despite their historical significance. We have restored and updated the Pridwin Hotel while keeping the original atmosphere and ambiance that will be very familiar to regular visitors,” explains Bashaw. The renovation decreased the main building’s room count from 49 to 33, in turn, making each guest room feel more spacious. Making up for the decreased number of rooms in the main building, 16 waterfront cottages were constructed. Additionally, the size of the property’s existing bathrooms was all increased.

While the hotel originally served guests seasonally, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, recent renovations have elevated the property to comfortably accommodate colder weather as well. “For the first time in its history, families will be able to come together to celebrate, relax, and enjoy the unique property for 8 months of the year” Bashaw proudly announces. He elaborates on the property’s new enhancements, including the completely restored upper lobby with the original wainscotting and hardwood floors. Bashaw’s favorite details include the six dramatic chandeliers that line the space, salvaged from the original 1927 dining room. Additional renovations include the cozy library lounge centered around the hotel’s fireplace with books, vintage ship models rescued from a former estate on the island, and original wicker furniture, which Bashaw reports was restored by the property.

Daniel Hilpert, founder and managing partner of real estate finance firm Equicap, is no stranger to hotels trying to maximize their year-round occupancy, “We have financed several hotels out East, both on the north and south fork, and have seen a clear trend of the season expanding from the twelve weeks between Memorial to Labor Day to eight months. Some operators are even taking advantage of the ‘shoulder’ months to generate additional revenue from corporate events, weddings and extended weekend travelers.”

With this refurbishing, the contemporary vision of the Pridwin manifests while still recognizing the property’s past. Cape Resort’s managing partner agrees, “With the two-year renovation, The Pridwin’s historic charm shines brighter than ever, but now has the modern amenities that guests expect.” Looking ahead, Bashaw eagerly anticipates experiencing fall around the Pridwin’s fireplaces and celebrating the Christmas holidays with visitors.

Ideal for families, the Pridwin’s 16 quaint cottages and main house perch along the shimmering shores of Shelter Island’s Crescent Beach overlooking the Peconic Bay and the North Fork. Each freestanding villa – which range from studios to two-bedroom duplexes – feature a private deck to take in the bay’s beauty. Alternatively, the waterfront hotel’s main house consists of 33 rooms across four floors. Two of the floors are used for guest rooms, whereas the other half of the house offers public common spaces. Bespoke design accents, including custom rag rugs and hand-brushed oak cannonball beds, show the Pridwin’s careful attention to detail and design.

Venturing outside, the property’s private beach and pool provides a full bar and food services during the summer, and hosts water activities like swimming and sailing. Guests can even have bites and bubbles delivered poolside by the hotel’s dedicated attendants. Other recreation offerings include tennis, bikes available for island tours, a hammam, and a gym. Boaters are welcome to enjoy the waters too, as the hotel offers 120-foot east and west docks alongside the Crescent bar and the Terrace restaurant.

After a full day of enjoying all the Pridwin has to offer, the property’s spa and outdoor wellness classes help guests further unwind so they can best relish their R&R. Without a doubt, the Pridwin takes pride in delivering the very best in Hamptons-worthy leisure.

Just a stone’s throw from the property is another one of the East End’s hautest hoteliers, Baron’s Cove. One of the perks of staying at the Pridwin Hotel is that guests can also enjoy full access to the amenities at Baron’s Cove, the Pridwin’s sister property. Baron’s Cove is accessible by boat to Sag Harbor, providing yet another avenue to enjoy the serene waters off the East End. Both posh properties offer waterfront views, elegant guest rooms, and classic charm.

The Pridwin certainly takes particular pride in their maintained and manicured appearance. With the hotel’s white façade, grand interior and sweeping veranda, its clean and timeless image continues to give guests a taste of true Hamptons hospitality. As the hotel looks toward the future, The Pridwin is excited to continue to host generations of loyal guests to come. Bashaw caps, “The Pridwin Hotel boasts a family legacy, a sense of community and traditions, and will now continue for the next 95 years … [to] make it one of the East End’s most beloved historical spaces.”

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