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Redefining Real Estate for Car Collectors

An Exclusive Interview with Scott Cunningham, Founder of The Hangar Group

Join EQ Magazine’s publisher, Daniel Hilpert, as he sits down for a friendly chat with Scott Cunningham, the mastermind behind The Hangar Group. Prepare to be transported into the world of posh real estate tailored especially for motorheads, as Daniel delves into the spark, savvy, and community spirit driving The Hangar Group’s unique approach. From the genesis of the idea to its plans for expansion and beyond, get ready for an insightful exploration of how The Hangar Group is reshaping luxury living for car connoisseurs.

EQ: The Hangar presents a new class of real estate. Can you elaborate on the vision behind this concept, emphasizing The Hangar Group’s role in providing specialized properties as a blank canvas for car collectors? What inspired you to start a real estate business catering to the car collector market?

Scott Cunningham (SC): The inception of The Hangar Group stemmed from my personal journey. It all began in my own garage when I acquired my dream Ferrari. Feeling it deserved a setting as magnificent as itself, I sought to recreate the ambiance of the Ferrari dealership where I purchased it, complete with custom finishes and memorabilia. However, practicality led me to lease a warehouse for my collection. Dissatisfied with the attention it drew, I stumbled upon the idea while hanging out in a friend’s airplane hangar, realizing the unique and special environment it provided. Thus, The Hangar was conceived – a sanctuary for car collectors to revel in their passions privately. Each Hangar is owned, not rented, offering a blank canvas for limitless customization and design possibilities.

EQ: Following the successful launch in Riviera Beach, what influenced the decision to expand with a second location in West Palm Beach, particularly in close proximity to Palm Beach International Airport?

SC: The overwhelming demand from existing owners for a second location, coupled with their desire for a larger space within close proximity, spurred the expansion to the PBIA location, which is five times the size of the first.

EQ: Are there plans to expand into new markets to meet the growing need for such specialized properties?

SC: Absolutely, we have plans to expand into additional key markets within the US.

EQ: The bespoke condominiums at The Hangar offer a high standard of construction fully customizable to owners’ preferences. Can you provide examples of how owners can personalize their spaces for car collectors, and are there any innovative design features in the works for future projects?

SC: Recent designs include a gallery wall featuring an extensive guitar collection, minimalist displays of wine alongside collectible vehicles, and vibrant murals showcasing automotive memorabilia. We continue to explore innovative design features to cater to our clients’ evolving tastes.

EQ: Security and privacy are paramount at The Hangar, with state-of-the-art surveillance and a full-time concierge. How do these features ensure the safety of owners’ possessions, and are there plans to incorporate new technologies or protocols in upcoming projects?

SC: Our top priority is security, ensured through gated access, 24/7 live monitoring, AI motion cameras, and license plate readers. We remain committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies to uphold the highest standards of safety and privacy.

EQ: The new West Palm Beach location is set for completion in summer 2024. What unique amenities can potential buyers expect, and are there any exclusive offerings catering to car collectors?

SC: Potential buyers can expect exclusive access to amenities such as the private owners’ lounge, boardrooms, golf and driving simulators, and a rooftop sunset deck. Adjacent to the PBIA location is Airfield Park, featuring superior construction ideal for families with extensive assets, including wine or art collections.

EQ: The units at The Hangar range in size. How can these units be combined, and what advantages does this flexibility offer owners with larger collections?

SC: Walls separating each Hangar can be omitted or removed post-construction, allowing for customization based on owners’ space needs, with no building code restrictions on combining units.

EQ: The community aspect within each Hangar facility resembles a private club. Can you provide insights into the social events and community-building initiatives focusing on the shared passion for car collecting?

SC: We organize social and driving events, including the annual “Hangar Crawl,” where owners open their Hangars to showcase and share their collections, fostering camaraderie within the community.

EQ: How does The Hangar Group approach designing properties that go beyond storing cars to creating a haven for car collectors, and are there evolving aspects of this vision shaping future projects?

SC: In addition to storing cars, owner amenities include golf simulators, an owners’ lounge, boardrooms, and a rooftop sunset deck, with evolving visions shaping future projects to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

EQ: As someone deeply involved in the car collector community, do you have a personal collection? If so, could you share details about your most prized pieces and any new additions you’re eyeing?

SC: As a passionate car collector, my collection spans an assortment of Porsches, Ferraris, Ducatis, and more. I eagerly await the space in the new PBIA location to expand my collection further.

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