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Introducing the Grand Seiko Kodo Constant-force Tourbillon

Feel your new rhythm

“Kodo” translates to “heartbeat” in Japanese. Just as one’s heart ticks in perfect harmony with the rest of the body, Grand Seiko is introducing a new mechanical complication that provides a revitalized movement to their latest watch release. This groundbreaking complication has undergone a decade of planning, testing, and designing, and sets a new standard for precise timekeeping.

Grand Seiko’s tourbillon and constant-force mechanism have been combined for the first time on a single axis, delivering an unforeseen level of stable accuracy to the new Kodo Constant-force Tourbillon. In fact, the constant force mechanism has an increased duration of up to 50 hours.

Bypassing the need for any wheels or other components between these two parts, there is no delay or loss in the torque transmitted from the constant force mechanism to the balance wheel. While the inner tourbillon carriage rotates, the balance steadily vibrates at 8-beats per second and the outer constant-force carriage rotates at one-section intervals. This integrated design is not only visually stunning, but also provides the Kodo with its signature, rhythmic heartbeat.

The open-worked design of the watch features a stunning, sapphire case back. Within the Kodo, wearers can observe the shrunken, manual-winding Caliber 9ST1, which has a power reserve of up to 72 hours. Furthermore, the timepiece has 10 BAR water resistance and a 4,800 A/m magnetic resistance.

The timepiece is housed in a case constructed from Grand Seiko’s Brilliant Hard Titanium and Platinum 950. Wearers can show off their attractive arm candy on a Urushi-lacquered calf or crocodile wrist strap.

The Grand Seiko Kodo Constant-force Tourbillon will become available for purchase this October. The timepiece will be released on a limited-edition basis, with only 20 units available, so not everyone will be able to add it to their collection.

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